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Monday, December 13, 2004

Just Another Complaint


Rude reception at KLH neuro pharmacy

Dec 13:

WAS at the KL Hospital nephrology clinic for routine check last month. As my turn came, I was pleasantly surprised to meet two wonderful specialists.
For a moment, I thought that at last all the talk by the Health Minister was beginning to pay dividends. They prescribed a new drug, and since it was not available at the pharmacy, the doctors asked if I could collect it at the neuro pharmacy and I obliged. When I reached the place, I saw two pharmacists casually chatting with each other. They looked quite relaxed.

The moment I showed the prescription, the attending pharmacist seemed to be visibly annoyed. She asked me why I could not collect the medicine at the other pharmacy.

When I said I came at the request of the doctors, the curt response was "The doctors know nothing. The next time, collect the prescription at the other pharmacy." Anyone in my position would be confused. On one side of the hospital it is first-class consultancy and on the other, it is a display of third-class mentality. JS Kuala Lumpur.


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